Reed National

Since its inception, Reed National has continually served the trucking industry in local, regional, over the road, and specialized operating structures with both for-hire and private organizations. Understanding today’s employment environment including the needs of truck driving professionals, the increasing effects of government regulation, and the pressure on industry executives to create solid strategies for growth are critical. Executing proper recruitment, training, and management of professional truck drivers allows a trucking company the ability to attract and keep its two most valuable assets – its customers and its drivers.

Reed National has extensive experience within the trucking industry and understands the complexity of the current employment environment from both the driver and executive sides of the equation. No two companies are the same, and we work with our customers to collaborate and create custom driver employment solutions based on the needs of the organization.

At Reed National, our vision is to positively enhance the lives of the people we interact with on an everyday basis and play a significant role in the economic growth of our country. We support this vision by providing best in class driver recruiting and retention services with relentless dedication to everyone we have the honor of serving.


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