Chimera Golf Club / Slice 19

The Chimera Golf Club was designed in 2003 by Ted Robinson Jr. The 6,906 yard layout boasts forgiving fairways and a playable desert landscape which provides a fair challenge from any set of tees. The natural terrain and unparalleled views of the Las Vegas Strip make Chimera Golf Club an incredible place to enjoy a round. Begin your day warming up on the driving range with unobstructed views of the Strip, Downtown Vegas, and snow-capped Mt. Charleston before hitting the course.

The Vegas winds can dramatically change the golf course from day to day making Chimera Golf Club a unique experience every time you play. Depending on the day’s winds, there are potentially reachable par 5’s and two drivable par 4’s which add a risk reward element few courses can match. The picturesque par 3’s, firm & fast greens, extensive bunkering, elaborate water features, and pure fairways make Chimera Golf Club the “hidden oasis” in Las Vegas.

Chimera, pronounced “ki-meer-uh” was a mythological, fire breathing monster, represented with the body and head of a female lion, a goat’s head arising from its back, and a serpent for a tail. Born of monster gods, the dreaded Chimera caused great havoc and terrorized the lands until it was defeated by the unconquerable hero Bellerophon with the help of his trusty winged horse, Pegasus.

Chimera is a synonym for infinite imagination, passion, and creativity, while it also symbolizes one’s pursuit of what seems unattainable or elusive (“to chase Chimeras”). The illusion and the mirage of this special oasis created to fight the desert’s heat and sun lead us to name this special place Chimera.

Our hope is that our new brand will be iconic for many years to come and that it will have a welcome home in your community. This is just the beginning, let’s make some memories!


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Slice 19 is a full service grill, pizza & bar at Chimera Golf Club located inside the Tuscany Village Gated Community in Henderson, NV.

Our restaurant is open to the public with a variety of menu items to choose from, such as pizza, burgers, sandwiches, or simply soup and salad. There are plenty of options for everyone. There’s usually something social going on at Slice 19 from bi-weekly specials to special monthly events!

Slice 19 offers dine-in, takeout & delivery. Planning on visit us? Give us a call at (702) 932-5311.


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