Tires for Containers

Tires for Containers was created to provide the intermodal drayage community with chassis to transport international containers. The fleet has grown over the past several years and now includes a wide variety of standard chassis and specialized tri-axle units to handle virtually any size or weight ISO container. Chassis are available for lease on a daily or monthly basis, depending on each customer’s specific requirements.

What started as a small rental company has also now expanded to offer a complete line of chassis management and repair services for several international steamship lines. We employ a professional staff of trained administrators and qualified chassis inspectors to monitor repair requirements, maintain inventory integrity, organize and distribute the data and guarantee approved utilization for each chassis.

The company also employs a full complement of certified, in-house mechanics to insure that all chassis in our possession are maintained, in a timely fashion, to the highest standards and comply with all state and federal guidelines and regulations prior to departure from the facility.

Whether your needs are just a one day chassis rental or the management of an entire regional fleet, Tires for Containers is prepared to assist you with all of your chassis requirements.


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